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COMFORTABLE LASER DENTISTRY - No needles, no noise, no pain!

COMFORTABLE LASER DENTISTRY - No needles, no noise, no pain!

Laser dentistry is not new however, it's rapidly becoming the patient's best friend. Why? Because, there are no needles, no noise, no pain, faster healing, and faster procedures!

Dr Michael Youssef uses laser technology treatments for gum disease, cold sores and many other conditions.


Virtually Painless

Are you scared of going to the dentist because of the drill sound or the fear of pain and needles? With laser dentistry, there are no drill sounds, no pain and no needles. Most procedures won't even need anesthetic.

It's More Convenient

Because of the technology, laser dentistry is faster and more convenient. This means that you spend less time at the dentist.

Safe and Precise

Lasers have been used in treatment of health conditions for decades now. A common one is laser eye surgery. Because they are so precise and focused, they are safer than traditional and alternate techniques.

No Extra Charge

That's right, it's the same price. That is what innovation does - it gives you faster, better and more safe service but at the same price.

What Can the Laser Do For Me?

The laser can be used for :

Gum treatment

Reduction of bacteria in the mouth and to promote oral health

Cold sore treatment

Cosmetic fixes to your smile

Rapid removal of skin tags, or growths like fibromas

Treatment of gum disease such as gingivitis and periodontitis!

And much more!

Call us today at 514-285-1624 for free, friendly advice and to see how Dr. Youssef's use of laser dentistry can benefit you